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Leading families into financial security for generations.

Planning and advising that supports you on every one of life’s milestones. 

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Plan Ahead

Generating massive college funding for your children without compromising years of retirement preparations.

Invest Wisely

Establishing rock-solid financial foundations during mid-life, delivering stress-free & peaceful golden years.

Retire Peacefully

Experiencing a life of fun, during the best years, while securing an inheritance for your children's children.


There is no better time to begin planning for your children’s future than the present.  With our forward growth plans we can begin the planning process that will maximize the funding for each student.


Plan and establish a personalized plan for your future.  Our experienced advisors will educate you in the best ways for you to plan your future to live successfully. 


Enjoy your golden years knowing you have setup the right processes that protect your hard earned assets and allow your family to be protected for the future.

Business Development

We can assist in all areas of business development in order for you to be a success in pursuing your business dreams and goals. 

Insurance Planning

Find the right coverage solutions that you need for your family, home and business.  Our team will search our network of partners to find the right policies to fit your needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jerry HutchinsonSoutheastern Division F&I Specialist - General Motors Corporation
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I have to say that I very much appreciate the honest and forthright approach given by each of the team members of Real Financial Solutions, LLC., in our annual convention this year. The speech that Robert gave was spot-on and the energy was electric. I looked around the room at our sales team as they were watching Robert speak and they were truly mesmerized by the talk. Robert was able to reach people in a way that no other speaker/trainer in the past had done. It is SO important for our staff to understand the basics and fundamentals of HOW to properly save for their future. It is equally as important that they understand just how much difference there is in a protected vs. a non-protected account. The results will ultimately speak for themselves, but I have gotten enormous feedback and the consensus has been that both your content and your relatability with the “little guy or gal,” that the big brokerage houses don’t want to be bothered with, makes you a real hero to all of us! I do believe that the simplest things ARE often the most profound and when things are simple, they are understood. We are so grateful for your help with our team. I would recommend Robert Parkerson to any organization who is seeking to get real answers from a top level pro who hasn’t forgotten his roots and fights for the average family.
Emily S.Student-McKinney North High School
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I want to thank you and your team, (especially Jennifer,) for helping me with my college planning. I have to be honest….I wasn’t sure that I was going to like having someone tell me what to do when it came to the college planning process. I felt like our school counselors were there to do that and I felt like they did a good job. I guess you don’t know what you don’t know. I had no idea how much more was involved that my counselors never made me aware of. I don’t think that it was because they were holding information back. I just feel like that they have far too many students to work with to get everything to every student. I really have to say now that I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with you and Jennifer, as well as the patient and kind people at College Funding Solutions. My initial offer from Texas A&M was 3800 dollars. After Jennifer instructed me on what to do to appeal that offer and HOW to do it; my new offer was almost 12,000 DOLLARS! I cannot believe it! I have told ALL of my friends to contact your office and to immediately get enrolled in your program! Jennifer is a MAJOR asset to not only you and RFS, but to everyone that she meets! I will be forever grateful for the way you helped me, my mom and my dad, to get a quality education without bankrupting our family. May God bless you both.
Kerry Herman
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I want to tell everyone who has an interest that Robert Parkerson is the best financial advisor that we have had in our company. I was amazed at the way he kept my employees engaged and interested in matters to do with their 401k’s and even other types of retirement planning vehicles. That is certainly not an easy task. I have never in 32 years of HR seen anyone engage my employees the way Robert did. Most of the employees dread open enrollment. After this year’s event, many have said how much they learned and how “different” it was than in times past.I was also impressed by the professionalism and dedication to excellence which he demonstrated from the day that we first discussed my event. There were actually other speakers that we had previously used which were passed over in order to work with Robert. I have received several positive comments and a couple of requests to have Robert back next year. I can assure you, that we fully intend to do so. Thanks, Robert, for making me look good to my superiors and employees and for a truly superb job. I wish you great blessings and if I can EVER help you as a referral source, I am more than happy to sing your praises.

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