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Have you thought about starting a business? Do you currently own a business and need tax/retirement or even exit strategies and planning that maximize your returns? If you are in a business partnership, do you know what a buy/sell agreement is and why it is critical to your partnership? Do you need to get incorporated to protect your personal assets as an individual or small business? At Real Financial Solutions, we have assisted many small business owners in creating corporate charters. We will even get your TIN or EIN registration done for you at no additional cost as a client of our business solutions division. We also offer access to free personal or business legal documents of all types with a membership in our legal services plans. 

Many of our clients are business owners and have matters that must be addressed specific to their needs.  For these clients, we offer a full suite of products that take the burden away and allow us to do all the work. Whether you need employee benefits or incorporation… yep, we can do that!

Is a C-Corp, an S-Corp, or an LLC best for my business situation?

How do I incorporate and are there advantages in certain states that other states don’t have?

What do I need to know about marketing strategies that work 100% of the time to grow your business?

What is SEO and how does it affect my business; and how do I blow the doors off my competition with SEO?

How can I get an affordable marketing platform and website that drives traffic right to my front door?

Clarity is a professional's good friend.

Our family at Real Financial Solutions understands that the best results follow a clear path, in building any business. And, while the nature of creating requires discovering solutions for various challenges along your journey, it is our goal at RFS to champion many of those challenges for you, securing your footing, and serving to your clarity. All this, so that you may focus and keep the main thing the main thing.

Robert Parkerson and the team at RFS have helped me amazingly in the implementation of my new company. The first work we did together was worth a fortune to the company as well as to me personally. I learned how to be a top runner in my field. I followed the guidance I was given and opened my own lumber company. I was scared to death, but I followed the guidance and did over a MILLION DOLLARS in sales in the first ten months!!! Robert and his team have well thought out financial and business strategies that can make one successful both professionally and personally. By using these strategies; I am almost always able to seal some great deals in my industry now. If you want real strategies that work with effective implementation- where you know you will get the results that you want- USE RFS! When your very existence and livelihood are on the line- USE RFS! I can’t thank this team enough for assisting me in getting to where I am today. My future, my retirement and my legacy are now secure.

Brenda Thomas

Co-Owner, Contractor's Choice Lumber Company - Shawano, Wisconsin

Services We Offer

Legal Planning and Documents

Business Incorporation
(LLC, C-Corps and S-Corps)
In All 50 States

Tax Planning/CPA Affiliates

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Our team listens to the goals, dreams and processes you have set for you business.

Custom Plan

We develop action points for you and your team to implement.


With these steps completed you will now be able to build your business success.

Begin with the best. Begin with RFS.

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