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College Planning

Now Is The Time For Securing Tomorrow

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With college planning services based on your family’s goals and needs, we work hard to build trusted, great relationships – because guidance starting now in your child’s high school years, and then spanning throughout their college career, can secure your retirement planning and offer steady footing into tomorrow.

We maximize scholarships, grants and endowments in ways that the average consumer has no idea how to access. Our goal in the college planning process is to maximize funding for students while maintaining the dignity of the parents’ retirement and savings accounts and getting the student to graduate with little or no student loan debt.


Do you know the top 3 mistakes that parents make when planning for college and applying for grants/scholarships? 

What is the single most overlooked MAJOR factor in a college’s decision to accept a student and give them any type of award from the school?

When is the absolute worst time to make campus visits?

Why are 72% of all FAFSA applications filled out incorrectly? (but they accept them anyway)

What is the average student loan debt owed after graduation and how could you reduce or eliminate it?

They deserve a better and worry free future.

Our family at Real Financial Solutions understands and we celebrate with your family as your teen takes his/her journey into adulthood. Our goal is for your child to graduate with as little debt as possible, making sure they have the best foundation into life and their adult years. We do this through a series of methods, including access to funding practices which you likely have not been made aware of. All this, without sacrificing your retirement planning and savings!

As a client, I just want to thank you for your time, for inspiring me, for pushing me to become better, and for believing in me. I am a better person for having known you! You have taught me how to summon my courage; how to find my purpose; how to tap into my passion, how to hone my vision and strive toward my goals. Even now that I have graduated college and finished law school, you are still teaching me how to make each day count and have a can-do attitude. I know you are pulling for me and want me to win. I can’t put a price tag on all of this and I am truly grateful and indebted to you!

Michael Dorne

BSCJ, JD Huntsville, Alabama; College Graduate

Services We Offer

College Planning

FAFSA Completion


Scholarship Assessments

Award Assessment

How It Works


Our process begins with two big pictures. One being your own. The second, your child's.

Custom Plan

Then, we assess all the available resource options, to deliver the best possible design to achieve your goals.


After building your foundation our team will guide your family toward the achievement of your goals.

The power of confidence...

Few things feel better than clarity and the confidence that comes with knowing that your family’s financial future is secure. Not only your own, but for your child also.

Begin with the best. Begin with RFS.

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