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Curtis Balfour

Financial Advisor

Tuscaloosa, AL

Curtis began his career in construction and has a love for building and the woodworking arts. As a sideline way to supplement his income, Curtis got his insurance license and became a crop insurance adjuster. He found that there was more than just a job with this type of work. It became more of a mission, because he was able to see the actual impact of the lives that he was changing by helping them to protect themselves against massive losses due to natural disaster.  This changed Curtis’ perspective of many aspects of life, its fragility and the absolute necessity for protection against the perils that we all face, in some form or another. Thereby, his passion for helping people on an entirely new level was born.  He began to study other ways of helping his fellow-man solve the problems that we are not taught in school.  Curtis didn’t want to be a part of a faceless corporation, so he asked to partner with RFS and the partnership has been mutually beneficial for us as well as all of the clients that he has impacted.  Of course, Curtis still loves woodworking and building high-end custom-designed furniture. But his biggest joy is spending time with his soul-mate, Kristen, and his two gorgeous daughters, Abigail and Hailey. 

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