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Drew Adams

Financial Advisor

Tuscaloosa, AL

Drew Adams has a background in the insurance industry as a former licensed professional and agent.  After a period of time in the industry, he was recruited away and into the medical field. Drew then spent several years working with a well-respected eye surgeon in south Alabama. While he was in this position, he got to see how patients got screwed over by their health insurance providers and it made him very angry. So, he began to work extra hours to implement a permanent system in the doctor’s office that would make sure coding was done properly for the correct reimbursement: something that no-one else had ever endeavored at this eye-surgeon’s clinic. He found that he was really enjoying the service side of the business and had a love for the patients, who were very expressive of their gratitude about what he had done for them.

Quite some time ago Drew became a client of Real Financial Solutions and saw the attention to detail that was given to him, reminding him of the same level of care that he was giving others. And, after some prayer and consideration, he made a leap to get the necessary licenses and join the RFS team so that he could expand his scope of helping others in a much bigger way. Drew’s clients attest that he has this “magnetic” personality and tends to draw people to him. He has a natural ability to instantly put people at ease and have them share their innermost concerns without fear of judgement. It is paramount to him that he takes his time and empower his clients by properly educating them and helping them have absolute clarity about the decisions that they are making. He enjoys fitness, traveling and exploring new adventures.  But above all, he loves Yeshua and cherishes spending time with his wife Savanne, son Brayden and daughters Meliah and Marielle.

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