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Jacob Marks

Financial Advisor

Cottondale, AL

Jacob Marks began his financial career in June, 2021, as a financial advisor for Real Financial Solutions, while still a full-time student. He enjoys meeting new people and wants to help as many as he can by offering advice and consultation on things that actually shape the future for his clients. Jacob has a very outgoing personality and never meets a stranger. He has always believed that showing kindness, consideration and love are the keys to building the types of relationships that make people want to do business with you. Because of the relationships that Jacob had created throughout his young life; he is now very much sought after by his friends and their families who are, in some cases, up to three times his age. It isn’t often that a college student comes out of school with a ready-made career; but Jacob feels like he has found his home and his clients are extremely glad that he has. Jacob enjoys doing handiwork, writing, and spending time with his German Shepherds.

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