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Jesse Garcia

Financial Advisor

Tuscaloosa, AL

Jesse Garcia came to RFS with a true passion for helping and caring for the aging population. Jesse has a remarkable affinity for the senior market due to his previous experience as a leading authority on Medicare supplements. He felt that it was a natural fit for him to join the team at RFS because he wanted to be able to do MORE of what he felt was in the best interest of his clients. So now, not only can he guide them and show them the right plan for their healthcare needs; but also educate them on how to protect their hard-earned money, shield their nest egg, and create generational wealth for his clients.  As you can see, Jesse genuinely cares about his clients’ needs and concerns, and is committed to do what is right for them on multiple levels.  

Jesse’s talent lies in taking the complex and difficult to understand concepts of both Medicare and financial services and making them understandable by listening first to his clients’ concerns, and then custom-creating a plan specifically tailored for that person to ensure a winning, solid strategy for their future. The true reason that Jesse joined RFS is because he wanted to align himself with a team who puts the interest of the clients first, and be a Fiduciary, whereby the individual client’s needs are paramount to making a sale. Si, hablo Espanol!  He enjoys positioning himself ahead of current trends, traveling, and going for long walks in nature with his beautiful wife, Olga

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