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Laska Gaddy

Financial Advisor

Tuscaloosa, AL

Born and raised in northwest Georgia; Laska grew up on a fully functional farm leading to his love for nature.  This also taught him the value of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

Laska is a budding young professional who has been told that he has an old soul because of his compassion for helping others, almost all of whom are older than him.  He loves making new friends and connecting with others. His first thought is always; “What can I do to serve this person or share information to help them in some way?” 

Laska was raised with strict, but loving, training from his mother and father about manners and treating others with kindness. After serving his community as a fireman; he became a client of RFS, by investing in his own self-directed IRA.  When he went through this process, his mind starting working in overdrive and he said, “I think I have found what I would love to do to help others at a higher level in my life.”  Then, after a great amount of study, prayer and consideration: Laska asked if he could join our team, and we are so honored that he did. His clients have always been very impressed with his massive knowledge of the financial services industry.  Laska has been a very strong student of his newly chosen profession and works twice as hard as his older counterparts to hone his craft so that he is ready to answer his clients’ questions accurately and effectively. He has always said that if God called him into service for others; that He would grant him the knowledge to do a good job for people.

As President of RFS, I, Robert Parkerson, give my full and complete endorsement to one of our top-level performers, Laska Gaddy.  This is the ONLY person that I know who literally works 80 hours a week for his clients. It is my contention that he is not going to stop until he is the #1 producer at RFS, and thereby one of the top financial advisors in the United States.

Laska is a motorcycle community enthusiast and competition level biker, and a true woodsman who loves hiking, camping and whitewater canoeing. He also has three amazing ladies in his life. First is his mother, Sebre. Second is the love of his life, Delaney, and also, let us not forget a little tri-colored Texas Heeler named Ren.

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