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As our clients move into their “golden years,” most people agree that the most important thing that they can do with their accumulation of assets is to PROTECT those assets and not lose money in things that perhaps you may have gambled with earlier in life. At RFS, the goal with our clients who are currently in retirement, or approaching retirement, is to safeguard your assets while maximizing your returns.

Have you ever been told that you should have a will? What if I told you that in most cases, a will is the absolute WORST legal document that you ever sign? Are you nearing retirement? What are you going to do about getting your money out of your 401k and into your own account? Are you concerned with protecting your nest egg or would you rather roll the dice? Are there methods that you may not have been taught that can save you thousands or maybe tens of thousands in taxes when you retire? How can you leave your assets to your family WITHOUT probate, attorneys and other cash vampires stealing everything you have worked for your entire life in the legal process of succession? We specialize in protecting what you have built your entire life, setting up income streams for your golden years and giving you the freedom to enjoy what you have earned. 

Should I move my money out of my 401k when I retire or should I leave it?

Why is a “Last Will and Testament” the absolute WORST legal document that you can ever create?

What is the right strategy in the event that I need a care plan in my golden years?

How do I avoid being a victim of the many frauds and scams out there?

Is a reverse mortgage EVER a good idea?

Golden Years That Work For You

Check out this explainer video and learn about fixed index annuities.  This is one of the many options we can assist in protecting your hard earned investment dollars.  

Hello, Robert Parkerson!!! Let me tell you about my recent experience in your seminar. As you know, old people like me are easily confused and I believe that sometimes that is done by people in your profession on purpose. That is truly sad to say, but call me cynical. I just wanted you to know that when you got done speaking at the dinner seminar, I walked away with several nuggets from your energy and passion. A person can fake excitement, but not passion. I appreciate all that you taught and HOW you taught it. But more importantly, I felt like that things were made very simple and easy to understand. I am looking forward to getting my paperwork in the mail for the transactions that we created together yesterday. I feel deep in my heart that you really are a caring person and treated me like an old friend. I also am comforted in knowing that I can go to sleep at night and not have to worry abut my account losing value. There is no price tag for peace of mind. Once again, sir; great job.

Sam Davis

Retired -Toyota Corporation - Dallas, TX

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Everything starts with a snapshot of where you are at now, and where you are desiring to go.

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Then, we assess all the available resource options, delivering the best path for achieving your goals.


We now have the “golden” foundation and are ready to guide you into your best years ahead.

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