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Zack Earnest

Financial Advisor

Tuscaloosa, AL

Zack Earnest began his career in the world of financial services with a local bank in Tuscaloosa immediately after graduating from the University of Alabama. After a short period; he decided to also partner with Real Financial Solutions in March, 2021. Zack realized that he could not really do what he felt he was called to do to really help people just working at the bank. He had a burning desire to go to the next level and offer his clients more. After the bank found out that he had expanded his horizons to do what was best for his clients; the bank forced him to make a decision. He decided that giving his clients the ability to feel at ease and secure in their decisions and not try to push people to utilize products that may not be in their best interest, would be his main goal and focus. So, he made the transition to full time with RFS and has not looked back. In his spare time, Zack enjoys time with his wife and two boys, outdoor activities, learning about new tech, health, and woodworking.

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