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Winning in wealth is an on-purpose event.

You have a vision. We have answers.

When we all start looking ahead in life, most people have a lot of questions about things that relate to properly positioning their finances that they were never taught in school. This can be a daunting and confusing task. At RFS, our approach is to explain things in simple terms and not complicate the process like other firms. We promise to clarify simple ways to “bring Wall Street to Main Street.”

We educate middle income, every-day Americans on the things that they do not teach you in school: things like HOW compound interest works, whether for you or against you. Our goal with each client is to simplify the financial planning process, where others intentionally complicate it to keep you confused. We want you to get the RIGHT information in order to make the best decisions for you and your family so that you don’t miss out on important and even critical moves at the right times. This could mean issues with your personal IRA, your 401k or even real estate. We show you how to beat the two biggest enemies of savings….taxes and inflation. Are your investments properly protected? Are you properly hedged against the blood-sucking tax system? We will be happy to take a look and give you a FREE initial consultation!

Could I be contributing too much to my 401k?

What is the difference in a Roth IRA and a “Super Roth?”

Why is real estate a great investment sometimes and other times a horrible one?

Is a high risk account really better for a higher return?

How many years does it take for money to double?

I've had many financial advisors in my lifetime, many of which had high national rankings. For the last few years, however, my financial advisor has been Mr. Robert Parkerson. His no BS approach, understanding, teaching and implementation have produced staggering, unbeatable results for my portfolio. Robert has a skill of being able to understand and communicate complex concepts in an easy to understand format. Not only has my portfolio and net-worth grown, so has my financial education. His honest financial advice often times have resulted in my best interest instead of his financial return on his advice. He always puts the client first. 

Kevin Mohler

Silverhill, AL

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401k Planning

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IRA Planning

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How It Works


Everything starts with a snapshot of where you are at now, and where you are desiring to go.

Custom Plan

We assess all the available resource options, delivering the best path for achieving your goals.


After building your foundation our team will guide your family toward the achievement of your goals.​

The power of confidence...

Few things feel better than clarity and the confidence that comes with knowing that your family’s financial future is secure.

Remember these two things:  Design always triumphs over default.  And, winning in finances, and life, is always an on-purpose event.

Begin with the best. Begin with RFS.

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